First and foremost we need to determine the correct size insole for your child. Since US kids’ sizes vary significantly by shoe manufacturer, the best way to be precise is to have your child stand on a ruler or tape measure and see exactly what their foot measures in CM. From there you will be able to order the correct size insoles.

The second most important thing to consider is the level of arch support your child needs. Kids with flat feet or foot pronation disorders need an orthotic insole. Kids with feet sensitivity or generalized discomfort do not need extra arch support and will do better with a flat cushioned sole. Insoles with extra arch support also push the heel up in the shoe. This means they should not be used in low cut athletic shoes. Orthotics work best in shoes that have room in the forefoot.

The final consideration is how familiar your child is with shoe insoles. Kid’s new to insoles, especially orthotics need a week or so to adjust. We recommend starting off with a soft orthotic like Neon Fix or Neon Fix sport depending on if your child is using them in active sports environments or casual daily use. We have a free replacement policy. You do not need to do anything with the one you ordered. With orthotic and posture correcting insoles, the goal is to increase the hardness/firmness of the insole as your child’s foot gets stronger. The problem with “advanced” orthotics is that they are rock hard. The idea behind the traditional hard orthotic insole is that it strengthens the foot over time. But kids can’t stand them. So, we created some softer alternatives like Neon Fix Sport and Starry Shield to work up towards the firmer insoles. Over time as your child’s foot strengthens, you will want to use firmer/harder insoles like Red Orthotic and Neon Fix.

Please also consider that if your child is going to use different shoes for sports than casual daily use they probably also need different insoles to go with the shoes. It is very common for our customers to use an insole like Neon Fix Sport in the sports cleats and Neon Fix in their daily shoes. 

Our return policy is SUPER SIMPLE! If you need to return or exchnage an item please contact us or email our customer service director with your name and order number. Nick will email you a pre-paid return shipping label so that your return ships free of charge. As soon as you drop the return off, let us know and we will process your return same day. There is no need for you to wait for us to receive the return before we issue your refund. Your pre-paid return tracking information will be sufficient proof of return. We also offer free exchanges if all you need is a new size. If you need to replace the insoles for another model or new size just let Nick know and he will send them to you right away.

We do this to make things super easy for you as well as ensure strict safety measures. We cannot and will not resell any insole that is returned to us.

Thanks, Nick

For foot pronation (flat feet & inward rolling ankle) issues, we created the Neon Fix & Neon Fix Sport Insoles. These insoles are specifically designed for casual and sports shoes. The neon fix is more for casual day to day use while the sport version is much thinner and lighter. The Neon Fix insole is not as hard as traditional orthotic insoles. The material is very soft on your feet and provides plenty of heel & arch support.

For Toe Walking a heel wedge like this (Toddler size & Big Kid’s size)

can help redistribute his foot weight and alleviate the need to push more weight to the toes.

For full-length insoles, we created the Neon Fix & Neon Fix Sport series to help with issues like this. These insoles are specifically designed for casual and sports shoes. The neon fix is more for casual day-to-day use while the sport version is much thinner and lighter. The Neon Fix insole is not as hard as traditional orthotic insoles. The material is very soft on your feet and provides plenty of heel & arch support.

For insole recommendations, we created the Neon Fix Sport insole for exactly this reason. The insole is made from soft and strong materials that will cushion her foot much more than traditional orthotics reinforced with plastic. For day to day casual use we created the Neon Fix insole. This insole is a bit bigger than the sport version but offers a lot more arch and heel support. A lot of our customers alternate between the two insoles depending on which type of shoes they are wearing.

If she does not like one of the styles we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The insoles you use for any child new to arch support need to be softer until their foot arch strengthens. Over time, the arch support gets more and more firm as your child’s foot arch strengthens. We will start your son off on an introductory orthotic and go up in firmness from there. The worst thing is starting off too firm and your child rejects the insole because it makes their foot hurt.

Our Toddler HeelCups are tailor made for kid’s size 11-2. These should fit in her shoe perfectly. We are actually the only brand in the world who makes toddler size!

For moderately flat feet and low muscle tone we recommend an insole with mild arch support like Neon Fix Sport or Camo Comfort. Smooth black also offers mild arch support with a very comfortable top surface. With low muscle tone I would definitely stay away from firm orthotics with reinforced plastic like Red Rocket. This will hurt the bottom of their little feet 🙁

If the chid’s foot pronation is more pronounced, we recommend the Neon Fix Orthotic because it has a higher arch support and deeper heel cup.

The Neon Fix insole will definitely help correct the posture of his foot. With toe-walking, I saw the issue a lot when I worked as a personal trainer. The only real long-term solution is to foam-roll and stretch the gastroc/soleus muscles on a daily basis.

The insoles will help steer him away from the bad posture habits but stretching the muscles is the only way to remove the need to push weight onto his toes.

The best insole we sell for helping with Knock-Knees is the Neon Fix Classic. This insole helps redistribute her weight as well as support the arch of her foot. Even with a decent arch, she still need to push more weight to the outside of her foot. Long term, she will need to strengthen the soleus (calf muscle)To do this we recommend she start using the classic heelcup to push a little more weight onto her toes.Toddler Size HeelCup

For Heel pain, we usually recommend a heelcup or heelpad depending on the shoe he is using it in. Based on customer feedback I’ve received over the years, this solution tends to work best. We also now make socks with gel in the heels.

To fix the source of her problem & provide long-term correction, she may want to try out an introductory orthotic insole like Neon Fix Sport. This will offer arch support as well as cushion. This insole is softer the more advanced orthotics and has less rejection rate by kids.

First thing to determine is if your child is not able to put weight on their heel because of heel pain sensitivity or is it a postural issue. If it is a postural issue preventing them from placing weight on their heel, an introductory orthotic insole will help redistribute their weight properly. If it is a heel pain issue, adding an extra layer of gel cushion with a heel cup or gel heel socks will help.


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