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The ultimate collection of foot pain relief products by KidSole. Everything you need to alleviate your child’s heel pain in every shoe style and activity.

From Sports to casual daily use around the house, we have you covered!

KidSole is Easy, Effective & Ships Fast

Easy Instructions

Every insole we sell is tried and tested to work and feel great! To use KidSole, simply remove the insole that comes with your child’s shoe or place Kidsole on top of the stock shoe insole. Have your child stand on KidSole before putting the new insole into their shoe to determine perfect fit. When they stand on kidsole, mark where their toes land and trim the extra material from the top of the insole. Any household scissors will easily do the job!

Trim To Fit

If you need to drop a size down, there are guided cutting lines on the back of KidSole to follow. After your child stands on kidSole outside of their shoe, mark the spot and trim off any excess material. KidSole stands for quality. If you have any issues at all, we have an unconditional 30-Day-Guarantee! No matter how much your child uses the insoles or if you trim them, you will still get a full refund!

Fast Shipping

We Give all our customers who spend over $25 receive FREE 2-Day Shipping. If you spend less than $25 at checkout, your 2-3-day shipping is discounted to a flat rate of only $4.00. Depending on your shipping zone it takes 2 or 3 days to arrive. 2-Day shipping costs us $8.00. We subsidize your shipping costs to show you how much we care! Our goal is to get your insoles to you as fast as possible!

Here at KidSole, we don’t believe you should wait until old age to take advantage of performance-enhancing and posture-correcting insoles. If your child is always complaining about their feet pain, we are here for you. Our mission is to help kids with feet issues feel more comfortable in their shoes! If your goal is to give your child the best possible start in life, KidSole is for you!

Our products are thoughtfully designed & come with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Check out our store to see all of the types of insoles we carry!

Orthotic Insoles

Pronation & Arch Support

Browse Our Orthotic Collection

  • Exclusively designed for children who need arch support

  • Strong & lightweight orthotics designed for sports & daily use

  • Wide range of top surface for cushions and arch heights

Heel Cushions & Heel Cups

Heel pain Inflamtion

Takes up little space in the shoe

  • Slim profile for use in all shoe types

  • Adhesive bottoms for enhanced traction

  • Fun & kid friendly design for easy adoption

Compression + Gel Heel Solutions

Heel Pain Socks & Straps

Best for sports and active kids

  • 3/4 design makes an ideal solution for indoor & outdoor use

  • Gel heel comfort that stays securely strapped to the foot

  • Mesh ventilation for enhanced air flow and breathability

Here’s what our friends and customers are saying...

“KidSole is a new alternative for affordable posture correcting insoles."
The Mom Hour
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"My son has extremely flat feet and the doctor suggested we see a specialist. She told us no more Converse because they have No support. I wanted to try these to see how he did before investing a TON.
Amazon Customer
Happy mom of 2 kids.
My 10 year old son plays basketball and football. Last year about this time he started getting slower and slower. His heels were killing him and come to find out he has Sever’s Disease. I found Kidsole on Amazon. I can tell you after testing many different products to help my son that there are very few companies in any industry that can match Kidsole customer service wise. 5 Stars!
Patrick Tysinger
Happy Parent
“ Fantastic customer service! Highly recommend this company and the product. My daughter is using the inserts in her basketball shoes and they are working very well for her. Read More…”
Wendy Peifer Happy Mom
High quality product! My 10 year old has flat feet and the Dr. recommended an insole. We tried an adult insole for hockey skates and ended up cutting a ton of pad off to fit his foot. Waste of money. Read more…
Kami Augustine Blatter Happy Mom

Our products have been perfected and tested by parents just like you!

We cover a wide variety of arch heights, foot shapes, and heel pain disorders. Please browse our FAQ below or contact us directly with any questions you have.

For foot pronation (flat feet & inward rolling ankle) issues, we created the Neon Fix & Neon Fix Sport Insoles. These insoles are specifically designed for casual and sports shoes. The neon fix is more for casual day to day use while the sport version is much thinner and lighter. The Neon Fix insole is not as hard as traditional orthotic insoles. The material is very soft on your feet and provides plenty of heel & arch support.

For Toe Walking a heel wedge like this (Toddler size & Big Kid’s size)

can help redistribute his foot weight and alleviate the need to push more weight to the toes.

For full-length insoles, we created the Neon Fix & Neon Fix Sport series to help with issues like this. These insoles are specifically designed for casual and sports shoes. The neon fix is more for casual day-to-day use while the sport version is much thinner and lighter. The Neon Fix insole is not as hard as traditional orthotic insoles. The material is very soft on your feet and provides plenty of heel & arch support.

First and foremost we need to determine the correct size insole for your child. Since US kids’ sizes vary significantly by shoe manufacturer, the best way to be precise is to have your child stand on a ruler or tape measure and see exactly what their foot measures in CM. From there you will be able to order the correct size insoles.

The second most important thing to consider is the level of arch support your child needs. Kids with flat feet or foot pronation disorders need an orthotic insole. Kids with feet sensitivity or generalized discomfort do not need extra arch support and will do better with a flat cushioned sole. Insoles with extra arch support also push the heel up in the shoe. This means they should not be used in low cut athletic shoes. Orthotics work best in shoes that have room in the forefoot.

The final consideration is how familiar your child is with shoe insoles. Kid’s new to insoles, especially orthotics need a week or so to adjust. We recommend starting off with a soft orthotic like Neon Fix or Neon Fix sport depending on if your child is using them in active sports environments or casual daily use. We have a free replacement policy. You do not need to do anything with the one you ordered. With orthotic and posture correcting insoles, the goal is to increase the hardness/firmness of the insole as your child’s foot gets stronger. The problem with “advanced” orthotics is that they are rock hard. The idea behind the traditional hard orthotic insole is that it strengthens the foot over time. But kids can’t stand them. So, we created some softer alternatives like Neon Fix Sport and Starry Shield to work up towards the firmer insoles. Over time as your child’s foot strengthens, you will want to use firmer/harder insoles like Red Orthotic and Neon Fix.

Please also consider that if your child is going to use different shoes for sports than casual daily use they probably also need different insoles to go with the shoes. It is very common for our customers to use an insole like Neon Fix Sport in the sports cleats and Neon Fix in their daily shoes.

Our return policy is SUPER SIMPLE! If you need to return or exchnage an item please contact us or email our customer service director with your name and order number. Nick will email you a pre-paid return shipping label so that your return ships free of charge. As soon as you drop the return off, let us know and we will process your return same day. There is no need for you to wait for us to receive the return before we issue your refund. Your pre-paid return tracking information will be sufficient proof of return. We also offer free exchanges if all you need is a new size. If you need to replace the insoles for another model or new size just let Nick know and he will send them to you right away.

We do this to make things super easy for you as well as ensure strict safety measures. We cannot and will not resell any insole that is returned to us.



We will answer you within 24 hours (Monday-Sunday)

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