Our retail store vendor application is SUPER SIMPLE! If you need to arrange samples for your buying yeam please contact us by clicking the blue button below or email our customer service manager Nick@KidSole.com with your name and company information. Nick will email you our MSRP Catalog so that you and your team can determine the best models for your store. As soon as you review the samples with your buyer team, we can setup an in-person or virtual meeting with our retail sales director Josh Singer. His email is Josh@KidSole.com.

We setup our vendor program to make things super easy for you. Our job is to deliver perfect products to you. Our QC standards will set you and your team at ease throughout the entire process. We offer Net-60 terms and free buy backs of any defective or returned inventory to make your first store test as risk-free as possible. Our main goal is to make you and your customers happy. KidSole has very strict safety standards. We stock a wide variety of insole types to solve a wide variety of foot problems. If you have any questions about which insole to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions today!

Why Choose Us

NET 60 TERMS FOR RETAIL STORE ORDERS (Workable solutions for all store sizes)

We are passionate about giving kids the best possible start in life. We are here to work with you in order to reach the best terms to make your first trial order as easy as possible. Our job is to bring you the highest quality products, all thoughtfully designed and packaged. Please feel confident messaging us with any questions or concerns regarding order factoring, distribution centers and your seasonal buying schedules. We are here to help you! Our retail sales manager Josh is based out of Seattle and manages a team of sales professionals on both the East and West coast. Josh will arrange a phone/virtual or in-person meeting with you and your team.

SKUS THAT MOVE! (Plus free returns/buy-back for your first order)

KidSole is the #1 new brand of Kid’s insole and foot pain relief products for a reason. We are so confident in our QC and RD standards that we will buy back any customer returns or defective items. We also offer free exchanges and replacements for all your in-store customers that need a new size or need to try a new model not available in your store. This will also serve as a way for you to test which KidSole styles to test next in your store. Due to shelf-space limitations it is not possible to stock the entire KidSole catalog. We will work with you to find the optimal mix of SKU’s for your store.

NAME BRAND PACKAGING, QC & RD (All packaging requests supported)

All Kidsole products come with color box packaging options. We staff a full in-house team of creative professionals that can meet any of your packaging or store display requests. Every single detail of the box strength, PVC window, and GS1 UPC codes are covered during pre-production. You and your team will receive samples of the boxes before mass production. Our QC team is obsessive with every detail and will triple check everything before the goods are loaded onto the container. Our USA team members are located in Shenzen & Changsha. They are Americans living in China and working with our FDA & ISO Certified factories every day.

Vendor Application Form

    Our Best Sellers

    Introducing the Neon Shield 3/4 length insole by KidSole for kids with flat feet, foot pronation & undiagnosed arch support issues.

    The KidSole Memory Foam Sport insole is ideal for athletic and active wear and comes with Micro-Bead Technology for maximum traction while in use.

    Introducing the KidSole Gel Sport Traction Heel Cup/Pad for kids with heel sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis or any other undiagnosed heel pain issues.

    Introducing the KidSole Gel Sport Traction Heel Cup/Pad for kids with heel sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis or any other undiagnosed heel pain issues.

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